Benjamin Moore

  • Interior design
  • Furniture
  • Bespoke Lighting

Being the first UK showroom for the brand, we were looking to set a style that had the potential to be rolled out nationwide. So developing a concept that was simple enough that it could be recreated in lots of different environments was key. We started with a clean and light shell and then used contrasting dark metal finishes to create a modern, industrial look.

Creating a studio space rather than a traditional shop

We wanted the space to feel more like a studio as opposed to a shop. A major part of creating that environment was the samples bar we installed down the centre of the showroom. This prompted people to sit down to discuss and share ideas with team members. The main retail display runs along the left hand side of the showroom. Whilst it’s a natural focal point for the store, we were keen to encourage people towards other areas of the store. To do this we used large scale LED back illuminated graphics carefully positioned along the right hand wall, leading people through the space.

Showroom layout

Floorplan / Technical drawing

Colour Wall: 24' x 51.52"

Service Counter: 2100mm x 800mm

Product Bar: 1600mm wide x 300mm deep

Tinting Machine: 80w x 80d x 115h

Mixing Machine: 73w x 82d x101h

Work Table: 1200mm wide x 700mm deep



“It's a pleasure to welcome our customers to a truly inspirational paint showroom.”

Helen Shaw Director - Benjamin Moore
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