When it’s 2019 and everyone’s excited

It’s a week before Christmas. You’re either frantically trying to make sure everything is done before the break, or you’re already winding down, doing Christmas shopping instead of working and making cups of tea every ten minutes. Whichever camp you sit in, the new year tends to bring feelings of reflection, contemplation and often motivation. A big burst of energy, excitement and ideas after the holidays (or at anytime) is always welcome at CP. But with all that enthusiasm, also comes expectations from senior team members. Where are the results? Has it made a difference?

We’ve been working with small-medium sized businesses for many years now, preparing marketing strategies that are focused and manageable for busy teams. This article is for those of you who may find yourselves trying to produce an effective plan, as a result of a what we’re calling the ‘assured new years flurry’.

1. Delegate or ask a pro

Even if you have a small team, you can still delegate through freelancers or consultants. Although it may seem like outsourcing work will be costly, in reality a professional marketeer will be able to produce things like copy or graphics far quicker than someone who’s not used to doing that line of work. Know your strengths and ask for help from a pro to cover where you’re less experienced.

2. Look at the outsiders (no, not Tom Cruise and co)

There are certainly cases where using an industry specialists is helpful, particularly in heavily regulated sectors such as healthcare and finance. However a lot can be said for a neutral opinion. An outsider, may provide a simplistic and an 'under-thought' solution.

3. Learn from others

Consider competitors and other brands in general (again not necessarily from within your sector). What is it you like about their marketing? Can you dissect their campaign and apply their approach to yours?

4. Make a master plan

Despite, the best intentions a team brainstorm can often feel lively and full of great ideas and yet, not actually result in a pragmatic plan. Make it a priority to nail the campaign strategy as early as possible and stick to it. Trust in your plan and be positive. Energy is contagious and good vibes can go a long way.

5. Content then context

Once you know what your key messages are, you need to think about how you’re going to deliver them. What tone of voice will appeal to your target audience? What headspace will they be in when they see with your campaign? What will make them interact? Be as specific as possible when you’re thinking of your ideal customer. You’ll be far more likely to spark a reaction.

6. Overthinking killed the radio star

When it comes to marketing messaging, experiment with different options and don’t overthink it. You can refine your options as you go. In our experience bold yet simple statements get to the heart of the message and are most impactful with audiences.

We hope these tips have inspired you to embrace the new year energy and harness it with a pragmatic approach, so that you can truly see a difference within your business in 2019.

If you’d like any help with your campaign strategy, copywriting or design, drop us a line.

Have a great Christmas and New Year!